Extra Maths lessons for High School pupils

In Durban, KwaZulu-Natal


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About me


My name is Margie Dwyer. I retired from Durban Girls’ College at the end of 2017 as the Director of Academics and Head of Mathematics. In my more than 40 years in education, I have taught in boys’ schools, co-ed schools and girls’ schools; rural schools without electricity and city schools with every amenity; DBE schools and independent schools. All of this has enabled me to develop a wide variety of skills to help pupils with a range of abilities.

I have marked Matric examinations, both DBE and IEB, which has given me extra insight in preparing Grade 11 and 12 pupils in examination techniques and experience. Since retiring, I have stayed up-to-date by attending Webinars and participating in online discussion groups. I have also done several locums at different schools in and around Durban. 


I live in Morningside opposite Mitchell Park, so I am conveniently situated for many Berea schools.



What I offer

One-on-one lessons

I specialise in one-on-one customised lessons. Pupils requiring extra lessons benefit most from individual, focussed attention, whether it is to help them pass or to help them achieve more at the top end of the scale, or anywhere in between.

Lessons for 2 can be accommodated by arrangement, provided that the pupils are of similar ability. These are created when friends wish to come together, as I do not organise groups.

Lessons are normally scheduled during the school term, but pupils needing lessons during school holidays are also welcome.



R400 per hour for individual lessons
R250 each per hour for 2 pupils

All lessons are payable a month in advance.

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