About me


My name is Margie Dwyer. I retired from Durban Girls’ College at the end of 2017 as the Director of Academics and Head of Mathematics. In my more than 40 years in education, I have taught in boys’ schools, co-ed schools and girls’ schools; rural schools without electricity and city schools with every amenity; DBE schools and independent schools. All of this has enabled me to develop a wide variety of skills to help pupils with a range of abilities.

I have marked Matric examinations, both DBE and IEB, which has given me extra insight in preparing Grade 11 and 12 pupils in examination techniques and experience. Since retiring, I have stayed up-to-date by attending Webinars and participating in online discussion groups. I have also done several locums at different schools in and around Durban. 


I live in Morningside opposite Mitchell Park, so I am conveniently situated for many Berea schools.